December 12, 2011

Santa 2011

I had to fight with Erika this year but I did get her to take the for Abby she was so mad I would not let her wear jeans!
 They finally got over it..
I am so glad I got the picture because I am sure Erika is done.

I am finishing up treats for Abby for school and Erika did let me make snowman poop for some of her friends. I hate that the kids are getting older now. At least I have Jakob to go not to sure how boys feel about bringing treats to class. I will continue to do so until they say mom please no more.. I will get some of those pictures up tomorrow.
Hope everyone is getting all their shopping done it sure has been a battle this year for me. I did get an email from Erik today and found out his last station will be here and on land. So this will be his last trip out besides a couple of trips he may have to take for the next job.
Ok I am going to bed it's late and spent to much time on facebook which I seem to do every night. It is addicting as stamping! Everyone have a wonderful day!

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