December 8, 2011


I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!! We had thanksgiving twice here. Once for Erik before he left and then again on thanksgiving. I had my brother and niece here for 2 weeks which was nice.
  Kelbi To cute!

We did get our Christmas tree up..

Zeus loves to lay next to the tree!

Things are moving right along. I have more presents to wrap and a couple more to buy, but I am doing better then last year. The kids and I need to start making Christmas candy which is always fun!

I want to thank every for orders sorry they went out late was not around for a couple of days. I hope some time soon I can get more crafting in. First thing is first though need to get My friends wedding invites done.Then we will see where we are. Also need to get Abby's school treats made before they go on Christmas break. With Erik gone things are even more hectic around here, but I believe this will be his last trip.

Remember if you need anything just email me I get those right away.
Have a great day!

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