November 10, 2011

One day at a time!!!

First I want those of you to know that that order the house kits they went out today...I thought I was never going to get that done.!
 This is the time of year I am sooooo busy. So there will not be anymore kits being made until after the holidays.
This week I will be making my oldest daughters birthday cards she will be 14:(
This year we are doing a bonfire and a movie outside..Thank goodness for my friend Diane for lending use the screen. I would not even know where to get one of those.

I also have not started on Christmas shopping! I am so behind this year. My husband is leaving right before Thanksgiving and not coming back for three months...Which means he is gone for Thanksgiving,Christmas and my sons birthday. I am going to need some meds after all that is done.
As for Christmas cards have to be honest not even close to being done. I will try to get a photo up some time before Christmas.

I did take some time to go see John Michael Montgomery with a friend had a great time, but forgot my camera so this is the photos from phone..I know they are bad.

I mean really this could be anyone...
But hey it was fun!
It is so must better to hear him sing "I swear" and" I can love you like that" in concert.
Ok everyone have a good day and I will keep you posted!

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