August 4, 2010

I am home!

Hello Everyone I know I have been offline for a week now..but moving gets the best of you.. I do have to say I am so Thankful to all my friends here. They were all here ready to help. I love them all so very much!
 I am so glad to be home. Even though my yard is terrible I mean it is like a dang Jungle it is going to take some time and money to get it back. I did have friends tell me to prepare myself when we got home, but I guess I was not ready for what we showed up to. Right in the middle of unpacking a truck my husband stopped and cut the grass he just couldn't take it.
 Other then that I will be up and running soon. My scrapbook room is going to take me forever, but I will get it done.
All I can say is there is no place like home!

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