June 8, 2010

Mini Rag Purse

I have seen so many people making these purses using fabric and they are calling them rag purses. To be honest I think they are ugly, but I saw Jacki and a few others made a little rag purse out of paper.  I thought I would give it a try!
And share with you how to make one.
Here is how to make it!

1. Using your scallop square punch... Punch 20 scalloped squares from DSP. Make folds at the first scallop. 8 of them need all 4 sides folded, 8 will be folded on 3 sides,  2 on 2 sides and 2 on 1 side.

2. Cut 2 handles out of ribbon 8.5" x 1/4" and glue to a Box #2 cut out as shown.

3. Put some glue on the back of each square and glue them to the box as shown. The end panels get the squares with 1 and 2 folds and the front and back panels get the squares with 3 and 4 folds as shown in the last photo.
4. Fold the box up

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