May 10, 2010

My Mother's Day

Wow what a day!
I had a great Mother’s day I hope all of you did to.
We went into New Orleans to go to my favorite Chinese food... This is a big deal because it is about an hour away, but so worth it.
 Also I wanted to share with you what I did this year...
Every year my kids want to make my cards which I love because they mean so much more to me. But I have to be honest I am a wreck the whole time they are in my room. I think they are going to get into something I don’t want them to lol most of the time I am right. You know that paper pack you just got and can’t wait to get your hands on! Well that is what they seem to find. So this year I thought I am going to be a head of the game. I told them the room is all ready for them and this year was going to be different because I was going to make it fun for them. I had a place for all 4 of them to set...Yes; of course I make my husband do it to... They had everything thing they needed I also put together a mini kit for them and said everyone has the same thing in their kit and I would love to see what you come up with. Oh they were all about this. I gave them 3 stamp sets they could use and told them they could use any of my punches hmm I wonder how well they listened...
Here is a picture of items

Here they are Don't they look like they really want to do this?
 Here is what they came up with but wait what my husband did blew me away...
This is Erika's hmm lets see I had just bought some shimmery white paper. For you who don't know what that is it is 10 sheets of my fav. paper for $8.. She is not good with direction, but hey what can I say she did a good job. 
 Erika did 2 here is her other one.. This paper was not even in her kit.
 Here is Abby's
Now Abby used everything thing I gave her..She said to me mom I just did not know what to do with some things so I glued them to the she is to funny.
Here is Jakob's
ok so the only thing he used is the stamp set and he was done..he had better things to do.
 ok now here is my husbands. This is a surprise because he calls my crafts crappy crafts. lol I have no idea why. maybe because he knows my room is worth more then all the tools in his garage and that is saying a lot.
I bought him a 1950 ford on ebay and he has been rebuilding it so trust me when he has time he would much rather be doing that. He is so good to me..
Come on even a pop up card!!!

shhh don't tell him I showed you!
So what do you think? They did a good job. I think I will do this every year they want to make a card, but I will put Erika in another room so she can't get into other things. 

oh wait here is my room when they were done I guess they thought I would love to clean up the mess.

see how messed up my stamps are back there. and to the right there yep those are my copic markers.
Ok for now I have to go clean up the mess..I have a purse to share tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed a peek into my family. They mean the world to me.


  1. What a wonderful collection of cards! Your husband is as amazing as mine is. He only makes cards for me! Thanks for blessing my day! :)

  2. I loved reading this post. My kids also like to make cards, but I don't think I could really let them in my craft space... You are very brave. Maybe someday when they are a little older... And I think I'd definitely give them a pile of paper that was okay to use and the rest is off limits! Thanks for sharing the story. You have a beautiful family.

  3. Wow, I'm impressed!! And you're right...even a pop-up! Even MORE impressed! :)