April 11, 2010

Who is Abby Standing with?

What a great day!
I had kids at my house last night which means not much sleep. But we did head over to the strawberry festive today. I have never seen so many strawberries.  They had strawberry shortcake, chocolate covered, fried strawberries, some kind of strawberry soup, wine, and even strawberry beer. It was fun, but here is the funny part. I was standing in line with Abby “my 7 year old” she wanted to get her face painted. The lady who was painting faces looked so familiar I could not stop looking at her. I knew I had seen her somewhere, but for the life of me could not figure out where. I guess I was being a little to obvious because the lady beside me said are you thinking what I am thing? I said not unless you know that lady from somewhere. She said I know I have seen her somewhere. Then it hit me if this lady knows her I had to have seen her on TV. Being as I don’t know very many people in this area. I finally figured it out and thought I was going to pee my pants. I could not stop laughing along with the lady behind me. I think we looked crazy.  I had to take the face painters picture  with Abby. Now you tell me if you know who she is. I will tell you this she was on a reality show.


  1. LOL! It is the God Warrior! I saw both of the episodes she was on! How exciting!

  2. Laura you are good it took me forever to figure out who she was..

  3. Haha Wife Swap .I remember her gagging!!!I found your blog thru Allison.Looks great.