April 1, 2010


 I have been hard at work getting all these cards together and can't wait to get them off.
I am still waiting on a few ladies.
Hope I get them soon. 
So far I have Received some great cards... 
If you would like to see them they are on the right side under service and sacrifice.  
I also asked the ladies if they would be willing to send some everyday cards 
So the men would have cards to send to their families. 
You can also few those as well!

Thought I would share a few!

 Erika was so happy and started making cards like crazy because I asked Michelle to design Erika her own Watermark!

 Abby my 7 year old wanted to help..
She did such a good job.
My kids make me so Proud!

This is My very Favorite stamp..I was not a Demo when it came out so I had to buy it on Ebay I won't even tell you how much I spent on it because you will think I am crazy!
 After my grandfather passed away my grandma gave me all the letters my grandpa wrote to her when he was in World War II. What a great gift to have.
So I had to get this stamp set. 
He was my hero!

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