February 24, 2010

My Duck

What a day I am having.. How about you?

I am working on something fun..I hope to have it up by thursday. 
Ok I will give you a sneak peak..I will have the Template and Tutorial  for sale for only $19.99 lol  Just kidding it will only be $5  Yeah!
I have made a couple of purses and the template that will be up will show you how to make two.. 
This is the small size...
enough of that for now.....

I also cleaned my craft room I will also show you that soon. I needed to take a brake so I grabed some ribbon and made this.

I know, but needed a break from cleaning. I also will add much more to For sale so keep an eye out for that. I just have to much stuff. I was going through all my paper pads and could tell which ones I really liked because I keep buying them. I really wish you guys would help me get rid of some of this stuff. HINT HINT!
Ok need to try to sleep!!!!

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