January 26, 2010

New Orleans Saints

I have lived here in Louisiana for only half a year, but the one thing I can tell you is I have never seen a state support their football team like they do here. I am from Texas so yes, I am a Cowboys fan, but I watched the game last night and was happy that the Saints won. I think it is wonderful how supportive this state is and the players know it to...They thank their fans over and over. It was truly moving. 
   I have decided to do a class for the fans here in Louisiana   because they are the most dedicated fans I have ever seen. If you are not from here or ever been here you have no idea what I am talking about. If you go to the store and the saints just played everyone will ask you” what did you think about the game” If you go to the store where they have TV’s and the saints are playing I promise you people will be glued to the TV. If you go anywhere over half the people there will be wearing saints’ shirts. Yesterday, I was and I am not kidding the only one! not in a saints shirt when I went to the store. I am telling you if I played football that is who I would want to play for... How could you not win, you have a whole state that is there for you.  I mean everyone here was in such a good mood today because the Saints won. This team is blessed to have so many fans.  I hope they go all the way because they really do deserve it.  Not just for their fans, but also because this state has been through so much. 

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