September 23, 2009

So tonight I was looking for a friend a cowgirl hat and came upon this website
 and to my surprise there was Abby it took me a while to figure out how this picture got there because I did not take this picture. When we went to TX to visit my dad we went into this really neat store called ranch dressing and we bought Abby this hat. The lady who owned the store asked if she could take Abby’s picture. So I emailed her and found out she sent this company the picture. How funny can you imagine browsing the internet and seeing your kid... well I am happy this is where I found her picture...


  1. Cute picture and I agree, I would have been surprised to find my child's photo online without me having put it there! But as you said, there are worse places it could be found. I remember reading recently about a woman who had shared family photos of their little ones on her personal blog and someone apparently copied one of the photos and was using that same photo of her baby to "advertise" a baby up for adoption...saying that it was a photo of the baby! After that, she made some changes in her blogging...kinda creepy, isn't it? Jan

  2. Ahw ............. Your daughter is above adorable. She is a beauty!
    Stampin Stressaway