September 19, 2009

OK let me tell you how great the build a bear is. I ran out to a “store” at 8:45 that closes at nine. I could not wait to do this I bought the magnet sheets I could not find a plane tin, but one is on order from stampin up. So I did the bear and some clothes with magnetic sheet on back. As I was doing this Abby my 7 year old and Jakob 2 came in they thought this was the neatest thing so I made each of them one. Abby just wanted tons of clothes. I said we had to save some of the magnet for my project then she said “ok mom I have a deal to make with you, how about every time I bring home a A in school you make me a new outfit. “ Wow I thought what a good deal. So I plan on taking advantage of this. She had a ball with this. I am going to make these for the kids in the family for Christmas I did get a bid round tin so a girl and boy will fit on front. I am going to make more clothes, but I just had to share this with ya”ll.

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  1. Love her idea of the new outfit for each A... what a smart cookie she is!! And I LOVE YOUR BEAR>>>> way too cute!! Great Job!! Patty Bennett